Lady M IAPM Shop






Shanghai MUXIN Catering Management Co., Ltd.




180 M2


Interior Design for Patisserie

Lady M IAPM Shop


IAPM Lady M Patisserie situates at the focal point of a bustling commercial district and straddles two separate spheres: a semi-outdoor underground courtyard near MTR entrance/exit and an indoor lobby that leads to an immersive shopping experience in one of Shanghai’s most high-end malls.

In response to this dualistic site condition, IAPM Lady M adopts a spherical volume to provide all passer-by a guidance. The circle generates a visual loop of curvatures that leads one into the store. The design of the circular interior is further compounded by taking into account the function of the store as a patisserie. With respect for human scale, the circle seamlessly establishes a visual correspondence to the shape of the cake. It also becomes a force against the deliberate circulation surrounding the store, for it offers no direction or guidance in the larger urban context. Nonetheless, the circle itself is a variable shape with unpredictable possibilities.

The store’s unique spatial arrangement differs from traditional mall retail. No border bounds the entrance into the store, as the outer sphere coalesces into the smooth continuity of the interior. Light strip on top of the ceiling continues the circular flow towards the interior, while the positioning of the seats mirror the outdoor arrangement, in which retail seating are set along the street. On the back of the seats, the main facade displays Classical niches with modern simplicity.